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You are looking at the private messaging center for the 501st Legion Florida Garrison international costuming organization. For more information about the Florida Garrison and the 501st Legion, Please visit http://www.501st.com.

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Trooperwarden wrote on Beren97's profile.
Pete and Chris if you pull in to the registration area we can get you as close as possible with R2
Erice3339 wrote on PatrickL's profile.
Congrats on the approval of your Captain Rex!
willj wrote on Phin Scout's profile.
I may have screwed up the order form and completed two orders. Please see the details below. If I need to fix something, please let me know, thanks.

Three Florida Garrison (yellow) coins and one 4" patch - PayPal transaction #9T557287M1545892E
Three Tampa Bay Squad (blue) coins - PayPal transaction #03L697505N573112A
PatrickL wrote on superadmin's profile.
I just submitted to the 501, but didn't see a place to include photos. To see the photos I submitted, please click here: --> CAPT. REX TCW Phase 2
DavidDuffield13 wrote on LittleTIE's profile.
Good Evening. After a few days, my wife has said yes. How would you desire payment? I can write a check, take out cash, or PayPal it. I am available all day tomorrow and Sunday to pay and pick up. If Cash, I would have to wait until Sunday, due to ATM Limits.

David Duffield
605 499 6925

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