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Gina Orlando, TK-1946

Also Known As "MiryNova"

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Event Record:
55 events attended

01/23/2021 Squad 7 Annual Dinner
12/21/2019 Jacksonville Icemen- Star Wars Night
12/19/2019 Star Wars: The Rise of Skywalker Red Carpet Special Event
11/16/2019 End Of Chemo Party for Ian Bailey
02/23/2019 24th Annual Scottish Games and Festival
01/25/2019 Official Squad 7 Annual Dinner!
09/22/2018 The Music of John Williams-Friday
08/05/2018 House Wedding Reception
07/08/2018 Jacksonville Jumbo Shrimp Star Wars Night
05/24/2018 Solo: A Star Wars Story Red Carpet Premiere-Fleming Island
05/06/2018 55th Isle of Eight Shrimp Festival-Day 2
05/05/2018 55th Isle of Eight Shrimp Festival-Day 1
04/29/2018 Opening of the Jacksonville Beaches Parade
04/01/2018 St Augustine Easter Parade
02/24/2018 23rd Annual Scottish Games
02/10/2018 FL STEM and Health Expo
01/30/2018 Squad 7 Dinner
01/06/2018 Jacksonville Zoolights
12/17/2017 The Last Jedi Saint Augustine
12/08/2017 Force Fest
11/18/2017 4th annual Chili Cook-off St Johns
11/04/2017 First Coast Walk for Children with Apraxia
10/28/2017 Catty Shack Ranch Haunted Forest
09/30/2017 Miller Shaw Wedding
09/24/2017 Squad 7 Picnic
07/08/2017 Armor party
06/24/2017 Wolfson's Children Hospital visit
06/10/2017 Enterprise Project
05/20/2017 Walk the talk for Epilepsy
04/22/2017 K-9s United 5K

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