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Tristan Shelton, TK-25199

Also Known As "TK251"

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Event Record:
14 events attended

12/12/2020 Armor Party, Get-together, Orange Park
02/09/2020 Jacksonville Symphony Concert Star Wars: The Empire Strikes Back Sunday
12/19/2019 Star Wars: The Rise of Skywalker Red Carpet Special Event
11/17/2019 Jacksonville Walk for Apraxia
11/14/2019 Jedi Fallen Order release
10/18/2019 Catty Shack Ranch Haunted Forest
10/06/2019 Jacksonville Symphony Community Concert & Open House
09/21/2019 ACC 2019 Saturday
07/28/2019 Jacksonville Shrimp - Star Wars Night
07/19/2019 Springs Church Star Wars Day
06/09/2019 Weird Al Yankovic – Summer Tour 2019
06/07/2019 Dreamnight at the Zoo
05/04/2019 2nd Annual Firefighter Soundoff & RIT Competition
04/28/2019 73rd Annual Opening of the Beaches Parade

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