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Angel J Ferrer, TK-80710

Also Known As "DoDBMET_Revan"

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Event Record:
25 events attended

03/02/2020 Blue and Gold Banquet
01/25/2020 2020 Wolfson Children's Challenge
06/07/2019 Dreamnight at the Zoo
06/03/2019 Summer Reading Kickoff
12/20/2018 Blount Island Command Christmas Party
12/07/2018 Seasons of Hope Dinner
10/31/2018 Laquintano Wedding
08/03/2018 Marine and Navy Fun Day
07/26/2018 South Mandarin Library Summer Party
05/04/2018 May the 4th Celebration-CitiBank
04/05/2018 Star Wars at UNF- The Food Awakens
02/02/2018 Math Data Night
01/27/2018 Wolfson Children's Challenge
01/19/2018 Fun Friday at Argyle Elementary
12/21/2017 Blount Island Command Holiday Party
12/14/2017 The Last Jedi Red Carpet Premier, Fleming Island
12/08/2017 Force Fest
12/02/2017 Wolfson Children's Hospital
09/30/2017 Zero Prostate Cancer Run/Walk
09/24/2017 Squad 7 Picnic
09/16/2017 Wolfson Children's hospital
08/31/2017 Open House Star Wars Night
08/11/2017 NAS Jax, Back to School
07/15/2017 Memorial Service
07/08/2017 Armor party

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