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501st Troops: 72

Rebel Legion Troops: 0

Mando Mercs Troops: 0

Droid Builder Troops: 0

Other Troops: 0

Total Finished Troops: 72

Favorite Costume: 501st: Stormtrooper: ANH Stunt

Money Raised: $0

Event Name Date Attended Costume
11/7/21 - Town of Miami Lakes - 42nd Annual Veterans Day Parade 11-07-2021 501st: Stormtrooper: ANH Stunt
6/19 - Stonewall Pride Parade (Wilton Manors) 06-19-2021 501st: N/A
3/14/20 - Anakin's Baby Shower (Hialeah Gardens) 03-14-2020 501st: N/A
12/22/19 - 11am Star Wars Episode 9 IMAX (Ft.Lauderdale) 12-22-2019 501st: N/A
12/21/19 - Max Matus Bar Mitvah (Plantation) 12-21-2019 501st: N/A
12/21/19 - 5:15pm Star Wars Film Premiere Event - MODS Ft. Lauderdale 12-21-2019 501st: N/A
12/1/19 - Love Jen 2019 (Davie) 12-01-2019 501st: N/A
11/10/19 - Miami Lakes Veteran's Day Parade 11-10-2019 501st: N/A
10/30/19 - STREAM Literacy Night (Pembroke Pines) 10-30-2019 501st: N/A
10/25/19 - Birthday at Silver Shores Elementary (Miramar) 10-25-2019 501st: N/A
10/19/19 - Julian and Alison Osorio's Wedding 10-19-2019 501st: N/A
8/10 - Sunrise Comic Con 08-10-2019 501st: N/A
7/7/19 - Florida Supercon - Day 4 07-07-2019 501st: N/A
7/7-7/8 Florida Supercon - Teardown 07-07-2019 501st: N/A
7/6/19 - Florida Supercon - Day 3 07-06-2019 501st: N/A
7/4/19 - Florida Supercon - Day 1 07-04-2019 501st: N/A
7/3/19 - Florida Supercon - Setup 07-03-2019 501st: N/A
Palmetto Elementary Spring Concert 05-31-2019 501st: N/A
5/4 - The Force Academy - Choose your path 05-04-2019 501st: N/A
ULTRACON DAY 2 04-14-2019 501st: N/A
ULTRACON 04-13-2019 501st: N/A
Broward Schools STEM Olympiad 03-16-2019 501st: N/A
New World Symphony - Celebration of John Williams 03-02-2019 501st: N/A
Love Jen Holiday Party 12-16-2018 501st: N/A
BV5K (Breanna Vergara foundation 5k) 12-09-2018 501st: N/A
Florida Panthers' Star Wars Night 12-02-2018 501st: N/A
39th Annual Miami Lakes Veteran's Day Parade 11-11-2018 501st: N/A
Sunrise Comic Con 08-12-2018 501st: N/A
Florida Supercon Day 3 07-14-2018 501st: N/A
Florida Supercon Day 2 07-13-2018 501st: N/A
Salah Foundation Children's hospital 06-23-2018 501st: N/A
Solo Premiere Museum of Discovery and Science 05-27-2018 501st: N/A
Star Wars Night Miami Marlins 05-12-2018 501st: N/A
Jupiter Hammerheads Star Wars Night 04-08-2018 501st: N/A
Diabetes Research Institute Walk for Diabetes 03-04-2018 501st: N/A
Paradise City Comic Con - Day 3 01-14-2018 501st: N/A
Love Jen Holiday Party 12-17-2017 501st: N/A
Star Wars: The Last Jedi in IMAX opening 12-16-2017 501st: N/A
Transition Conference for special needs families 11-04-2017 501st: N/A
Salah Foundation Children's Hospital at Broward Health 10-21-2017 501st: N/A
Broward gold coast Buddy Walk 10-15-2017 501st: N/A
Miami Marlins Game - Star Wars Night 09-30-2017 501st: N/A
Salah Foundation Children's Hospital at Broward Health 09-23-2017 501st: N/A
Florida Supercon - Day 4 07-30-2017 501st: N/A
Florida Supercon - Day 3 07-29-2017 501st: N/A
Wilton Manors Stonewall Parade & Festival 06-17-2017 501st: N/A
Pediatric Cancer Survivors 10th Annual Cancer Survivorship Celebration 06-10-2017 501st: N/A
Joe Dimaggio's Children's Hospital 05-28-2017 501st: N/A
March for Babies 05-06-2017 501st: N/A
Uniting Broward 04-29-2017 501st: N/A
Roarthon 2017 04-09-2017 501st: N/A
JDRF Broward One Walk 04-01-2017 501st: N/A
Joe Dimaggio's Children's Hospital 03-25-2017 501st: N/A
Salah Foundation Children's Hospital at Broward Health 03-24-2017 501st: N/A
DRI Walk for Diabetes Marlins Park 03-04-2017 501st: N/A
Love Jen Holiday Party (Davie) 12-11-2016 501st: N/A
Chris Evert Chidren’s Hospital (Ft. Lauderdale) 10-21-2016 501st: N/A
Back To School Bash (Tamarac) 08-28-2016 501st: N/A
Wedding of Alina & Jaime (Pembroke Pines) 07-10-2016 501st: N/A
Florida Supercon - Day 2 07-02-2016 501st: N/A
Florida Supercon Setup 06-30-2016 501st: N/A
Uniting Broward (Miramar) 06-11-2016 501st: N/A
Weird Al Concert (Miami) 06-10-2016 501st: N/A
Miami Take Steps Walk Miami 05-07-2016 501st: N/A
Engagement Photos in Wynwood 04-03-2016 501st: N/A
Wedding Boca 04-03-2016 501st: N/A
Joe Dimaggio's Children's Hospital 03-23-2016 501st: N/A
DRI Walk For Diabetes (Marlins Park) Miami 03-05-2016 501st: N/A
Pioneer Day Parade (Deerfield Beach) 02-13-2016 501st: N/A
Coral Springs Car Show 02-06-2016 501st: N/A
Holtz Children's Hospital (Miami) 01-16-2016 501st: N/A
Joe DiMaggio Love Jen Holiday Party - Davie 12-14-2015 501st: N/A


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