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Troop Tracker - Overview Video (After Account Setup)

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Troop Tracker - For Command Staff

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How to upload photos

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Troop Tracker Manual

Click here to view PDF manual.

I am missing troop data / My troop data is incorrect

Please refer to your squad leader to get this corrected.

My costumes are not showing on my profile / I am missing a costume on my profile

The troop tracker automatically scrapes several different club databases for your costume data. If your costume data is not showing, make sure your ID numbers and forum username's are accurate. If the aforementioned information is correct, than refer to your squad / club leadership, as this data is missing on their end.

How do I know I confirmed a troop?

The troop will be listed on your troop tracker profile, or under your stats on the troop tracker page. When you confirm a troop, your status will change from "Going" to "Attended".

I need a costume added to the troop tracker.

Please notify your squad leader, or e-mail the Garrison Web Master directly. See below for e-mail.

I need information on joining the 501st Legion.

Click here to learn how to join.

Contact Garrison Web Master

If you have read and reviewed all the material above and are still experiencing issues, or have noticed a bug on the website, please send an e-mail here. If you ask a question that is listed above or is answered on a video on this page, you will receive an e-mail advising to review the FAQ page.

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If you are missing troops or notice incorrect data, please refer to your squad leader.

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