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501st: Darth Vader: ESB

Trooper Name Trooper TKID Costume Troop Count
James Martinez SL15098 64
Jim Stralis SL23924 34
John Henry Williams TC18190 22
Norman Sternad SL12510 18
Samuel Rodriguez SL91162 17
Jim DeFelice TK30750 15
Anthony Melvin TS42035 9
Sean Rankin TK12682 7
Bryan Shuerger SL5754 4
John Lars Shoberg TD11738 4
Rob Clark TI7805 4
Steven Warmath IC65832 4
Derek Zink TK83125 3
Johnathon Horne SL54183 2
Jason York TK56738 2
Not Assigned 2
Gregory Stanley CT7496 2
Ralph Billy Martin SL91613 2
Alex Denis TK34222 1
Paul Griffith TD34221 1
Stephen Biemiller TK94949 1
Kevin Merritt TI781 1
Brian Rehka TK9421 1
Phil Edwards SL12417 1
Caleb Powell TK84095 1
Keith Luka TK63219 1

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