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501st: Stormtrooper: ANH Hero

Trooper Name Trooper TKID Costume Troop Count
Stephen Sams TK91343 37
Ben Jacobson TB84207 25
Gary Collins TK8461 20
Steve McDaniel TK11764 6
Gary Collins Sr. TK8354 3
Matthew Drennan TK52233 2
Mike B TK81712 2
Dennis Drexler BH2960 1
John Murphy TK16033 1
Dan Newman TK62910 1
Dana Fino TK19314 1
Tim Turner TK10405 1
John McDearmon TK35623 1
Aldo Lopez DZ50511 1
Peter Telep TK33348 1
Patrick Duffy TK61095 1
Jim Mihal TK72179 1
Michael Souza TK11463 1
AJ Catulo TK4074 1
George Becker TK46142 1
Devin Wray TK24685 1
Sean Rankin TK12682 1
Chuck Morlock ID33773 1

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