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RL: Jedi Costume Standards (Generic)

Trooper Name Trooper TKID Costume Troop Count
Stephen Biemiller TK94949 73
Ian Wright R101579 73
David Stoner TD72989 72
Brandon Athan R15805007 54
Frances Katona ID12906 38
brandon jones TK18623 28
Juan Gil de Rubio Torres TI51099 27
Kimberly Kline TB72116 26
Jenn Andersson ID88392 22
Gisela Rosado R2076 22
Andrew Cartwright R48870 11
Hallie Miller R9936 10
Kathy Cooper R88888888 10
Ashley Archer R6366973764 8
Dan Salinas ID54197 7
Becca Smith IS22037 5
Joe Humphrey ID33803 5
Gabriel Boggs M2233 4
Evan Guttormson R1031 4
Rob Elmgren TK23692 4
Pauline Derosier IG32377 3
Jim Troyer TK5983 3
Brian Charpiat TI71271 3
Kimberly Branning DZ12467 3
Steven Huerta TK835470 3
Tim Balski ID2599 2
PLACEHOLDER Not Assigned 2
Chris Money IC93069 2
Hector Sanchez TK83178 2
Terrill Staton R88486 2
David Schroeter DZ17866 2
Chris Sullo DS12459 2
Michele Money TK91470 2
Lyn A DS15882 2
Guido Diaz SL55411 2
Mike Katona ID82666 2
Julia Thomas R1313 2
George Becker TK46142 2
Debbie Charpiat ID50173 1
James Branning TB23700 1
Ashley Davis TK25752 1
Philip Casesa TK10231 1
Tripp House TK30154 1
Ed Monroe TK33778 1
Ben Faircloth TK12282 1
Lisa Morlock DS15456 1
Chuck Morlock ID33773 1
Christine Silver ID32821 1
BJ Savage TB5955 1
Stacey Gatrell R10081980 1
Kevin Carlson TI21677 1
Jason Saunders R12811021702 1
Kevin Pole IC43734 1
Kristianna Jones TK14967 1

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