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DUAL: Handler

Trooper Name Trooper TKID Costume Troop Count
Diane DiServio DZ43278 19
Rob Falk IC72675 17
Mike Katona ID82666 7
Frances Katona ID12906 6
Bill Mathews TD62074 5
Aaron Hickman DZ10277 4
Jessica Patterson DZ61180 3
Tom Bostic R0 2
James Youngblood TK5268 2
Ashla Stargazer R21436 2
Robert McManus TI6438 2
Courtney Durham BH22359 2
S Sibley SL82500 2
Erin Drennan DZ99191 2
Mark Johnson TK4023 1
J.T. Taylor AR92470 1
Chris Sullo DS12459 1
Paul Griffith TD34221 1
Ben Rigas TK65535 1
Ed Teabo TD7880 1
Dan Smith SL7644 1
Edwin Gay CC5707 1
James Durham RC12281 1
Troy Whigham TI73782 1
Chris Money IC93069 1
Jennifer Sibley SL82501 1
Brian Spindola DZ75219 1
Gary Collins TK8461 1
James Barber ST31917 1
Alan Hickey TI30971 1

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