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11/21/21 - ES Armor Party (Ft. Lauderdale)

Trooper Name TKID Costume Backup Costume Status

Eric Elg
TK14056 Command Staff N/A Attended

Gary Cardenas
TK72313 Command Staff N/A Canceled

Kathy Kienzle
ID72261 N/A N/A Attended
Ryan North TK87811 N/A AT-ST Driver Attended

Matthew Delaney
IC71677 N/A N/A Attended

Rob Falk
IC72675 RL: Leia Organa (Slave outfit) N/A Attended
Ryan Gardella ID9540 N/A N/A Attended

Thomas Hagin
ID61601 Asajj Ventress: Clone Wars N/A Attended
Johan Warden TK42131 Bo Katan: CW Season 4/5 N/A Attended

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