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11-7-2021 Florida Collectors Extravaganza

Trooper Name TKID Costume Backup Costume Status
Vincent Nolan TX43274 RL: X-Wing pilot (Ep IV; VI), Y-Wing pilot (Ep IV) N/A Attended
Lindsey Kovalik R81008 RL: Luke Skywalker (Lars Homestead / Tatooine) N/A Attended
Bryan Shuerger TK5754 Handler N/A Attended
Michael Lyman ID7116 Stormtrooper: ANH Stunt N/A Attended
Nancy Rose ID17165 RL: Leia Organa (Ceremonial gown) N/A Attended
Anthony Verderosa TK87727 Handler N/A Attended
Zackery Wolfe IG29147 Imperial Gunner N/A Attended
Ryan M Rodriguez AR23192 N/A N/A Attended

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