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April Edwards - R57403

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501st Troops: 2

Rebel Legion Troops: 33

Droid Builders Troops: 0

Mando Mercs Troops: 0

Other Troops: 0

Saber Guild Troops: 0

Total Finished Troops: 35

Total Troops Last 365 Days: 6

Favorite Costume: RL: Handler

Volunteer Hours: 41

Direct Donations Raised: $10

Indirect Donations Raised: $1,800

Troop History

Event Name Date Attended Costume
Pensacon 2023 (Day 3) 02-26-2023 RL: Handler
Pensacon 2023 (Day 2) 02-25-2023 RL: Handler
Pensacon 2023 (Day 1) 02-24-2023 RL: Handler
Sea No Limits Fishing Clinic 10-08-2022 RL: Jawa
Pensacon HalloweenFest Day 2 10-02-2022 RL: Jawa
Pensacon HalloweenFest Day 1 10-01-2022 RL: Rebel Fleet Trooper (Ep IV)
Free Comic Book Day 08-14-2021 501st: N/A
Pensacon 2021 Day 3 05-23-2021 RL: N/A
Pensacon 2021 Day 2 05-22-2021 RL: N/A
Pensacon 2021 Day 1 05-21-2021 RL: N/A
'Star Wars' Day - Southside Primary School (Crestview) 05-04-2021 RL: N/A
WFHEMA Spring Concert - Pensacola 04-26-2021 RL: N/A
WFHEMA Spring Concert 04-26-2021 501st: N/A
Spring Fam Jam 2021 (Niceville) 03-20-2021 RL: N/A
Pensacon Halloweenfest (Pensacola) 10-31-2020 RL: N/A
3/26/20 - Myles' 13th Birthday (Virtual Troop) 03-26-2020 RL: N/A
3/20/2020 - Love for Jayce (Virtual Troop) 03-20-2020 RL: N/A
Pensacon 2020 Day #3 03-01-2020 RL: N/A
Pensacon 2020 Day #2 02-29-2020 RL: N/A
Pensacola 2020 Day #1 02-28-2020 RL: N/A
Pensacola Mardi Gras Parade (Pensacola) 02-22-2020 RL: N/A
From Hollywood-John Williams and More Concert Pensacola Symphony 02-08-2020 RL: N/A
TROS Premiere (Pensacola) 12-22-2019 RL: N/A
December 21: TROS Premiere (shift 2) 12-21-2019 RL: N/A
December 21: TROS Premiere (shift1) 12-21-2019 RL: N/A
TROS Premiere (Pensacola) 12-20-2019 RL: N/A
TROS Premiere (Pensacola) 12-19-2019 RL: N/A
Pensacola Christmas Parade (Pensacola) 12-14-2019 RL: N/A
Healthy Halloween-Scared Heart Hospital (Pensacola) 10-26-2019 RL: N/A
"Sea No Limits" Fishing Clinic (Pensacola) 10-12-2019 RL: N/A
Star Wars Reads (Pensacola) 10-05-2019 RL: N/A
Boys & Girls Clubs of the Emerald Coast Day for Kids 09-21-2019 RL: N/A
11th Annual 3-in-1 Community Festival (FWB) 08-03-2019 RL: N/A
Austyn’s 6th Birthday (Milton) 07-27-2019 RL: N/A
July 13, 2019- "Troopers in Space"/FWB Public Library 07-13-2019 RL: N/A


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  • 10 Troops
  • 25 Troops


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Mirax Terrik

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