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C.C. Watrous - ID49530

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501st Member Since:
November, 15, 2012

501st Troops: 25

Rebel Legion Troops: 0

Droid Builders Troops: 0

Mando Mercs Troops: 0

Other Troops: 0

Saber Guild Troops: 0

Total Finished Troops: 25

Total Troops Last 365 Days: 1

Favorite Costume: N/A

Volunteer Hours: 671

Direct Donations Raised: $0

Indirect Donations Raised: $0

Troop History

Event Name Date Attended Costume
3/23-4/20 - Make-A-Wish for Joshua (U.S. Mail) 04-20-2022 501st: N/A
3/30-4/30 - 501st CARES (U.S. Mail) 03-30-2021 501st: N/A
4/12/20 - Happy Birthday Julian (Virtual Troop) 04-12-2020 501st: N/A
7/18 - St Lucie Mets Star Wars Night 07-18-2019 501st: N/A
Love Jen Holiday Party 12-16-2018 501st: N/A
Evening with Darth Vader 07-20-2018 501st: N/A
William Morales Birthday 08-20-2017 501st: N/A
Brady’s Make A Wish Event (WPB) 10-15-2016 501st: N/A
Treasure Coast Comic Con - Day 3 09-18-2016 501st: N/A
Treasure Coast Comic Con - Day 2 09-17-2016 501st: N/A
Treasure Coast Comic Con - Day 1 09-16-2016 501st: N/A
Our Kids World 04-24-2016 501st: N/A
Our Kids World 04-23-2016 501st: N/A
Food truck Invasion PSL 04-01-2016 501st: N/A
Treasure Coast Comic Con - Day 2 06-21-2015 501st: N/A
Treasure Coast Comic Con - Day 1 06-20-2015 501st: N/A
Shock Pop Comic Con (Sunday) 02-15-2015 501st: N/A
Star Wars Night - Roger Dean 04-05-2014 501st: N/A
Walk the Talk for Epilepsy 03-30-2014 501st: N/A
JDRF Walk WPB 03-01-2014 501st: N/A
Family Fun Day to Cure Prader-Willi Syndrome 05-12-2013 501st: N/A
Our Kids World Family Fun Fest 04-21-2013 501st: N/A
Our Kids World Family Fun Fest 04-20-2013 501st: N/A
St. Patricks Day Parade 03-09-2013 501st: N/A
Little Smilez Starz Ball 02-16-2013 501st: N/A


  • First Troop Completed!
  • 10 Troops
  • 25 Troops


  • No donations yet!


Officer: Director of Intelligence Isard

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