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April Goodwin - DZ66502

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501st Member Since:
July, 12, 2015

501st Troops: 28

Rebel Legion Troops: 0

Droid Builders Troops: 0

Mando Mercs Troops: 0

Other Troops: 0

Saber Guild Troops: 0

Total Finished Troops: 28

Total Troops Last 365 Days: 1

Favorite Costume: 501st: Handler

Volunteer Hours: 25

Direct Donations Raised: $0

Indirect Donations Raised: $0

Troop History

Event Name Date Attended Costume
TBS Threshers baseball game squad outing - Clearwater 08-20-2023 501st: N/A
Threshers Baseball Game TBS Squad Outing - Clearwater 08-28-2022 501st: N/A
Armor Party - Spring Hill 08-27-2022 501st: N/A
[Saturday : 01/08 - 10:00 AM - 06:00 PM] 1/8-1/9 - St. Pete Comic Con 2022 01-08-2022 501st: Handler
Well Wishes for Harper Mae - VIRTUAL 07-27-2021 501st: N/A
7/29-7/31 - Laykon's 7th Birthday (Facebook) 07-29-2020 501st: N/A
Pinellas Park Christmas Parade 12-14-2019 501st: N/A
Safety Harbor Library 06-15-2019 501st: N/A
Clearwater Threshers Squad Outing 06-02-2019 501st: N/A
Clearwater Threshers SW Night 05-04-2019 501st: N/A
12/8 12/8 Pinellas Park Christmas Parade 12-08-2018 501st: N/A
11/17 TBS Star Wars Swap Meet and Garage Sale!!! 11-17-2018 501st: N/A
6/24 Tampa Bay Squad Bowling Night 06-24-2018 501st: N/A
Clearwater Threshers SW Night 05-06-2018 501st: N/A
4/22 Clearwater Armor Party 04-22-2018 501st: N/A
Bunny Ranch AP 05-28-2017 501st: N/A
May the Woof be with you 05-27-2017 501st: N/A
Clearwater Threshers Star Wars Night 04-22-2017 501st: N/A
Palpy Awards 02-04-2017 501st: N/A
Pinellas Park Christmas Parade 12-11-2016 501st: N/A
Armor Party @ Shepards Den 09-24-2016 501st: N/A
TBS Summer Squad Dinner @ Mugs 08-27-2016 501st: N/A
Gamers on the Edge - Emerald City 04-09-2016 501st: N/A
Armor Party Celebration @ the Shepherd's Den!! 04-09-2016 501st: N/A
TFA - MOSI release 12-19-2015 501st: N/A
SWRD - Emerald City Comics 10-10-2015 501st: N/A
TBCC Dinner 08-02-2015 501st: N/A
TBCC Day 1 07-31-2015 501st: N/A


  • First Troop Completed!
  • 10 Troops
  • 25 Troops


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Tusken Raider: ANH (male)

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