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Richard Yates Jr - TB71775

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501st Member Since:
December, 11, 2015

501st Troops: 369

Rebel Legion Troops: 0

Droid Builders Troops: 0

Mando Mercs Troops: 0

Other Troops: 0

Saber Guild Troops: 0

Total Finished Troops: 369

Total Troops Last 365 Days: 34

Favorite Costume: 501st: Scout Trooper: Return of the Jedi

Volunteer Hours: 3,309

Direct Donations Raised: $1,194

Indirect Donations Raised: $312,730

Upcoming Troops

Event Name Date Pending Costume
Jacksonville Sharks Star Wars Night (Jacksonville) 06-26-2023 501st: Imperial Gunner

Troop History

Event Name Date Attended Costume
In Honor Of Koda The Foundling And His Family 05-20-2023 501st: Stormtrooper: ANH Stunt
May 4th Visits (Ponte Vedra Beach, FL) 05-04-2023 501st: Greedo
May The 4th Kids Club Event (Ponte Vedra Beach) 05-04-2023 501st: Greedo
Citi's Cantina (St. Johns) 05-04-2023 501st: Greedo
Star Wars Night (St. John's) 05-03-2023 501st: Imperial Navy Trooper
Clay County Animal Services Photo Shoot (Green Cove) 05-02-2023 501st: Imperial Navy Trooper
[Sunday : 04/23 - 10:00 AM - 01:30 PM] Kids Fest (Orange Park) 04-23-2023 501st: Scout Trooper: Return of the Jedi
[Saturday : 03/18 - 02:00 PM - 06:00 PM] Collective Con (Jacksonville) 03-18-2023 501st: Greedo
[Friday : 03/17 - 03:00 PM - 06:00 PM] Collective Con (Jacksonville) 03-17-2023 501st: Scout Trooper: Return of the Jedi
[Friday : 03/17 - 12:00 PM - 03:00 PM] Collective Con (Jacksonville) 03-17-2023 501st: Scout Trooper: Return of the Jedi
Purim Carnival (Jacksonville) 03-05-2023 501st: Scout Trooper: Return of the Jedi
1/30-2/28 - For Josh (Facebook) 02-28-2023 501st: Ponda Baba
1/25-2/25 - For Skylin (Facebook) 02-25-2023 501st: Ponda Baba
NEFL Scottish Games & Festival (Green Cove Springs) 02-25-2023 501st: Scout Trooper: Return of the Jedi
2023 STEM Expo (Jacksonville) 02-04-2023 501st: Scout Trooper: Return of the Jedi
Wolfson Children's Challenge (Jacksonville) 01-28-2023 501st: Scout Trooper: Return of the Jedi
1-9 to 1-20 Well Wishes for June 01-20-2023 501st: Ponda Baba
Keep Up the Fight Kathy 12-25-2022 501st: Imperial Gunner
Well Wishes for Mushu 12-25-2022 501st: Imperial Gunner
Levi’s 7th birthday 12-10-2022 501st: Scout Trooper: Return of the Jedi
Green Cove Springs Christmas Parade 12-03-2022 501st: Scout Trooper: Return of the Jedi
Rise Up with Ian (Middleburg) 11-04-2022 501st: Scout Trooper: Return of the Jedi
Squad 7 at The Neutral Zone (St. Mary's, GA) 10-09-2022 501st: Stormtrooper: ANH Stunt
Homecoming Dance-Night at the Movies (Fleming Island) 10-08-2022 501st: Scout Trooper: Return of the Jedi
Squad 7 Family Picnic 10-02-2022 501st: N/A
Retrorama Collectibles 10 th Anniversary Extravaganza (Jax) 09-25-2022 501st: Ponda Baba
BASCA CapeABILITIES 5K (Orange Park) 09-24-2022 501st: Scout Trooper: Return of the Jedi
[Sunday : 09/18 - 11:00 AM - 02:30 PM] 9/16/22 - 9/18/22 Ancient City Con (St. Augustine) 09-18-2022 501st: Imperial Gunner
[Saturday : 09/17 - 01:30 PM - 05:00 PM] 9/16/22 - 9/18/22 Ancient City Con (St. Augustine) 09-17-2022 501st: Greedo
[Friday : 09/16 - 12:00 PM - 04:00 PM] 9/16/22 - 9/18/22 Ancient City Con (St. Augustine) 09-16-2022 501st: Scout Trooper: Return of the Jedi
Greetings to the Korfer Family 09-05-2022 501st: Ponda Baba
Happy 5th Birthday Linc 07-24-2022 501st: Ponda Baba
7/24/2022 Jacksonville Jumbo Shrimp Star Wars Night 2022 07-24-2022 501st: Greedo
[Saturday : 07/23 - 11:00 AM - 02:00 PM] CosCon Jax 07-23-2022 501st: Greedo
5/4/22 - May the 4th be With You (Ponte Vedra Beach) 05-04-2022 501st: Greedo
5/4/22 Eagle's View Academy Star Wars Day (Jacksonville) 05-04-2022 501st: Greedo
[Sunday : 04/24 - 10:00 AM - 12:00 PM] 4/23/22 Kids Fest (Orange Park) 04-24-2022 501st: Greedo
Hogs For Dogs (Fleming Island) 04-23-2022 501st: Scout Trooper: Return of the Jedi
[Saturday : 04/23 - 12:00 PM - 02:00 PM] 4/23/22 Kids Fest (Orange Park) 04-23-2022 501st: Greedo
4/9/22 Inclusive Easter Egg Hunt (Green Cove Springs) 04-09-2022 501st: Scout Trooper: Return of the Jedi
3/26/2022 Moosehaven Heart of the Community Spring Fling (Orange Park) 03-26-2022 501st: Greedo
[Saturday : 03/12 - 02:00 PM - 06:00 PM] 03/11/22 - 03/13/22 - Collective Con - JAX 03-12-2022 501st: Greedo
[Friday : 03/11 - 12:00 PM - 06:00 PM] 03/11/22 - 03/13/22 - Collective Con - JAX 03-11-2022 501st: Scout Trooper: Return of the Jedi
3/6/22 Laney and Johnny’s 4th birthday (Jacksonville) 03-06-2022 501st: Scout Trooper: Return of the Jedi
[Sunday : 02/27 - 11:00 AM - 05:00 PM] Bold City Con 02-27-2022 501st: Imperial Gunner
2/26/22 Infinity Con - One day only (Lake City) 02-26-2022 501st: Imperial Navy Trooper
Northeast Florida Scottish Games & Festival (Green Cove) 1 02-26-2022 501st: TIE Pilot: Original Trilogy
[Friday : 02/25 - 12:00 PM - 06:00 PM] Bold City Con 02-25-2022 501st: Stormtrooper: ANH Stunt
STEM & Health Expo 02-12-2022 501st: Imperial Gunner
Night To Shine - Jacksonville 02-11-2022 501st: Scout Trooper: Return of the Jedi
1/25/22 Squad 7 Annual Awards Dinner 01-25-2022 501st: N/A
12/12/2021 North Florida Collectors Club Convention 12-12-2021 501st: 000 - Vader's Protocol Droid
12/4/2021 66th Annual St. Augustine Christmas Parade 12-04-2021 501st: N/A
11/28/21 - Space Coast Marathon - COCOA 11-28-2021 501st: Imperial Navy Trooper
11/13/2021 Krawl'n For The Fallen 11-13-2021 501st: N/A
10/9/2021 2nd annual st. Michael’s warriors foundation & Homegrown kindness project 10-09-2021 501st: N/A
10/02/2021 Squad 7 Armor Party 10-02-2021 501st: N/A
9/26/2021 Retrorama Toy Show 09-26-2021 501st: N/A
9/25/21 BASCA CapeABILITIES fun run 09-25-2021 501st: N/A
9/19/21 Ancient City Con 2021 Day 3 09-19-2021 501st: N/A
9/18/21 Ancient City Con 2021 Day 2 09-18-2021 501st: N/A
9/17/21 Ancient City Con 2021 Day 1 09-17-2021 501st: Imperial Navy Trooper
9/14/21 - Star Wars Videos for Bryson 09-14-2021 501st: Shadow Stormtrooper
9/12/21 - Happy Birthday Janson 09-12-2021 501st: N/A
Back to School Block Party 08-01-2021 501st: N/A
Armor Party, Middleburg 07-03-2021 501st: N/A
Infinity Con Tallahassee Day 2 06-06-2021 501st: N/A
Calmer Con 05-16-2021 501st: N/A
Coliseum of Comics ROADSHOW Day 2 05-08-2021 501st: N/A
Star Wars Night at MSM Midweek 05-05-2021 501st: N/A
Nemours Children's Specialty Care 05-04-2021 501st: N/A
Cantina Night at the Lodge 05-04-2021 501st: N/A
Squad 7 Family Picnic 05-02-2021 501st: N/A
May the Cove Be With You 05-01-2021 501st: N/A
Conclave Day 2 03-27-2021 501st: N/A
Conclave day 1 03-20-2021 501st: N/A
CollectiveCon Day3 03-14-2021 501st: N/A
CollectiveCon Day2 03-13-2021 501st: N/A
CollectiveCon Day1 03-12-2021 501st: N/A
Armor Party Jacksonville 03-06-2021 501st: N/A
3/2/21 - 3/14/21 - For Jack (Facebook) 03-02-2021 501st: N/A
Northeast Florida Scottish Games 02-27-2021 501st: N/A
Retrorama toy show 02-21-2021 501st: N/A
Peloso/Moon Wedding 02-20-2021 501st: N/A
Night to Shine 02-12-2021 501st: N/A
Squad 7 Annual Dinner 01-23-2021 501st: N/A
12/17-12/26 - Happy Birthday Lucien (Facebook) 12-26-2020 501st: N/A
Get-well wishes for Pat "Fochs" Thomas (Virtual) 12-25-2020 501st: N/A
Thoughts for Daryl 12-21-2020 501st: N/A
North Florida Collectors Club Comic Con 12-13-2020 501st: N/A
Armor Party, Get-together, Orange Park 12-12-2020 501st: N/A
V for Victory Holiday Fundraiser 12-08-2020 501st: N/A
Krawl'n for the Fallen 11-14-2020 501st: N/A
11/1-11/8 - For David (Facebook) (Rebel Legion) 11-01-2020 501st: N/A
Halloween Party for Kids 10-30-2020 501st: N/A
Chelsea's Sweet 16 birthday party 08-29-2020 501st: N/A
OPERATION: Photoshoot - Ponte Vedra 08-16-2020 501st: N/A
8/8/20 - Happy Birthday Dominic - VIRTUAL 08-08-2020 501st: N/A
7/25/20 - Love for David - VIRTUAL 07-25-2020 501st: N/A
7/11/20-7/18/20 Dr. Berlin's Birthday (Virtual) 07-11-2020 501st: N/A
4th of July Parade Orange Park 07-04-2020 501st: N/A
6/15/20-6/27/20 - For Slade (Facebook) 06-27-2020 501st: N/A
Armor Party, Jacksonville 06-13-2020 501st: N/A
MoLab's Galactic Rebels Virtual Summer Camp 06-12-2020 501st: N/A
LJ's 9th Birthday (Virtual Troop) 05-31-2020 501st: N/A
5/14/20 - For Luke (Virtual) 05-14-2020 501st: N/A
5/1/20 - Bringing a Smile to Zack - VIRTUAL 05-01-2020 501st: N/A
4/23-4/26/20 - Happy Birthday Landen & Hayley! (Virtual) 04-23-2020 501st: N/A
Armor Party, Middleburg 03-14-2020 501st: N/A
Infinity Con Day 2 03-08-2020 501st: N/A
Infinity Con Day 1 03-07-2020 501st: N/A
Jacksonville Symphony Concert Star Wars: The Empire Strikes Back Sunday 02-09-2020 501st: N/A
Green Cove Springs Branch Library 01-25-2020 501st: N/A
Squad 7 Dinner 01-23-2020 501st: N/A
BJ's Armor Party 01-18-2020 501st: N/A
Jacksonville Icemen- Star Wars Night 12-21-2019 501st: N/A
FORCE FEST 2019 12-21-2019 501st: N/A
Star Wars: The Rise of Skywalker Red Carpet Special Event 12-19-2019 501st: N/A
65th Annual St Augustine Christmas Parade 12-07-2019 501st: N/A
Pack 268 Pack Meeting 11-19-2019 501st: N/A
Jedi Fallen Order release 11-14-2019 501st: N/A
Jedi Academy 11-04-2019 501st: N/A
Moosehaven Heart of the Community Halloween 10-31-2019 501st: N/A
Kids Halloween 10-26-2019 501st: N/A
Armor Party At BJ's 10-19-2019 501st: N/A
6th Annual Fall Festival 10-19-2019 501st: N/A
50th anniversary party 10-12-2019 501st: N/A
Making Strides Against Breast Cancer - Clay 10-12-2019 501st: N/A
Clay County Veterans Appreciation Day Event 09-28-2019 501st: N/A
ACC 2019 Sunday 09-22-2019 501st: N/A
ACC 2019 Saturday 09-21-2019 501st: N/A
ACC 2019 Friday 09-20-2019 501st: N/A
Cosmic-Con 08-17-2019 501st: N/A
Jacksonville Sharks Game 06-22-2019 501st: N/A
Beck 5k- Capes and Cakes 06-01-2019 501st: N/A
Mason's 7th birthday 05-25-2019 501st: N/A
05/16/19 MegaCon Day 1 (Costumed) 05-16-2019 501st: N/A
Evan Wolpoff's Bar Mitzvah 05-04-2019 501st: N/A
May the 4th Be With You Party @ Arc Village 05-04-2019 501st: N/A
Girls on the Run 15th Anniversary 5k 05-04-2019 501st: N/A
Crown Point Elementary Carnival 05-04-2019 501st: N/A
Invo Behavior & Therapy Center Opening 05-04-2019 501st: N/A
SQL Saturday Jacksonville 05-04-2019 501st: N/A
73rd Annual Opening of the Beaches Parade 04-28-2019 501st: N/A
RELAY FOR LIFE Clay County 04-27-2019 501st: N/A
STEM Wars 04-25-2019 501st: N/A
Collective Con (Sunday) 04-21-2019 501st: N/A
Collective Con (Saturday) 04-20-2019 501st: N/A
Collective Con (Friday) 04-19-2019 501st: N/A
501st Multi-Club Banquet - Hyatt Chicago 04-13-2019 501st: N/A
501st Group Photo - Hyatt Chicago 04-12-2019 501st: N/A
A Night At Canto Bight Multi-Club Bash - Museum of Science and Industry 04-11-2019 501st: N/A
Pirates Against Childhood Cancer 04-06-2019 501st: N/A
Illumicon 03-30-2019 501st: N/A
Tripp's Armor Party 03-23-2019 501st: N/A
St. Augustine St. Patrick's Day Parade 03-09-2019 501st: N/A
Meet Colin Cantwell 03-07-2019 501st: N/A
Infinity Con (Sunday) 03-03-2019 501st: N/A
Infinity Con (Saturday) 03-02-2019 501st: N/A
Star Wars: A New Hope Live in Concert (Sunday) 02-24-2019 501st: N/A
24th Annual Scottish Games and Festival 02-23-2019 501st: N/A
Pack 152 Blue and Gold 02-19-2019 501st: N/A
Florida STEM & Health Expo 02-09-2019 501st: N/A
Jacksonville Dolphins Basketball Game 01-27-2019 501st: N/A
Wolfson Children's Challenge 01-26-2019 501st: N/A
Official Squad 7 Annual Dinner! 01-25-2019 501st: N/A
Not Another Game Store Grand Opening 01-12-2019 501st: N/A
K9s United 9K/5K/One Mile Fun Run-St Augustine 01-12-2019 501st: N/A
ZOOLights - Star Wars Night 01-06-2019 501st: N/A
Galactic Encounters Strikes Back Camp, MOSH, Jacksonville 12-28-2018 501st: N/A
Blount Island Command Christmas Party 12-20-2018 501st: N/A
Middleburg Christmas Parade 12-16-2018 501st: N/A
Tad's Toy Drive 12-15-2018 501st: N/A
Armor Party at Savage Manor 12-08-2018 501st: N/A
Seasons of Hope Dinner 12-07-2018 501st: N/A
Pack 268-Cub Scouts Pack Meeting 11-27-2018 501st: N/A
6th Annual Holiday Craft & Vendor Event 11-18-2018 501st: N/A
2018 Jacksonville Walk for Apraxia 11-17-2018 501st: N/A
Laquintano Wedding 10-31-2018 501st: N/A
Special needs Camporee** 10-21-2018 501st: N/A
Halloween Doors & More 10-20-2018 501st: N/A
5th Annual Fall Festival 10-20-2018 501st: N/A
Making Strides Against Breast Cancer 10-13-2018 501st: N/A
Wyatt's Birthday Party 10-06-2018 501st: N/A
Zero Prostate Cancer Run/Walk Jacksonville 10-06-2018 501st: N/A
Ancient City Con 2018-Day 3-Sunday 09-09-2018 501st: N/A
Ancient City Con 2018-Day 2-Saturday 09-08-2018 501st: N/A
Ancient City Con 2018-Day 1-Friday 09-07-2018 501st: N/A
Rolling in the Trenches! (RL Cross-Post Social Event) 08-25-2018 501st: N/A
FIRST LEGO League Season Kickoff 08-25-2018 501st: N/A
Ainsley’s Star Wars Birthday Party 08-11-2018 501st: N/A
House Wedding Reception 08-05-2018 501st: N/A
Urban Market for Kids- Jacksonville 07-14-2018 501st: N/A
Jacksonville Jumbo Shrimp Star Wars Night 07-08-2018 501st: N/A
Silent Auction for the Jacksonville NOSC Sailors & Kids 07-07-2018 501st: N/A
Housewarming Armor Party 06-30-2018 501st: N/A
IT Pro Camp 06-09-2018 501st: N/A
Return of Castle Dellwood Armor Party 06-09-2018 501st: N/A
Dream Day 2018 06-09-2018 501st: N/A
Beck 5k presents Capes and Cakes 06-02-2018 501st: N/A
Dreamnight-Jacksonville Zoo & Gardens 06-02-2018 501st: N/A
5/26/18 MegaCon Garrison Dinner 05-27-2018 501st: N/A
Armor Party 05-12-2018 501st: N/A
Mental Health Family Fun Day 05-12-2018 501st: N/A
1st Annual Fire Fighter Sound-Off 05-06-2018 501st: N/A
South Mandarin Library Comic Con 05-05-2018 501st: N/A
May the 4th Be With You #JoelleStrong 05-05-2018 501st: N/A
Relay for Life of Clay County 04-28-2018 501st: N/A
Infinity Con 2018: Year 5 - Day 1 04-14-2018 501st: N/A
Infinity Con 2018: Year 5 - Day 2 04-14-2018 501st: N/A
Gabriel's End-of-Chemo Party 04-07-2018 501st: N/A
Star Wars at UNF- The Food Awakens 04-05-2018 501st: N/A
St Augustine Easter Parade 04-01-2018 501st: N/A
Birthday Party 03-27-2018 501st: N/A
Collective Con day 3 03-25-2018 501st: N/A
Collective Con day 2 03-24-2018 501st: N/A
2018 Walk The Talk for Epilepsy 03-24-2018 501st: N/A
Collective Con day 1 03-23-2018 501st: N/A
Collectivecon set-up 03-22-2018 501st: N/A
UNF Dance Marathon, Children's Miracle Network 03-03-2018 501st: N/A
Mutt March at the Jacksonville Humane Society 03-03-2018 501st: N/A
23rd Annual Scottish Games 02-24-2018 501st: N/A
Creative Problem Solving Competition 02-17-2018 501st: N/A
Wolfson Children's Hospital 02-10-2018 501st: N/A
Westside Book Fair, Duval Charter Schools 02-09-2018 501st: N/A
Renaissance Jax Robotics Championship 02-03-2018 501st: N/A
Math Data Night 02-02-2018 501st: N/A
Squad 7 Dinner 01-30-2018 501st: N/A
Wolfson Children's Challenge 01-27-2018 501st: N/A
Starlight Night 01-25-2018 501st: N/A
Fun Friday at Argyle Elementary 01-19-2018 501st: N/A
Jacksonville Zoolights 01-06-2018 501st: N/A
Holiday Helpers Toy Giveaway 12-16-2017 501st: N/A
The Last Jedi Red Carpet Premier, Fleming Island 12-14-2017 501st: N/A
Force Fest 12-08-2017 501st: N/A
Seasons of Hope Dinner 12-08-2017 501st: N/A
27th annual JSO party at the Children's Home Society or Florida 12-01-2017 501st: N/A
5th Annual Fall Craft Show 11-19-2017 501st: N/A
School Bookfair 11-14-2017 501st: N/A
Battlefront II midnight release 11-14-2017 501st: N/A
First Coast Walk for Children with Apraxia 11-04-2017 501st: N/A
Murray Hill-O-Ween 10-29-2017 501st: N/A
Riverside Arts Market 10-28-2017 501st: N/A
Star Wars Reads 10-14-2017 501st: N/A
Making strides against breast cancer 10-14-2017 501st: N/A
5th Annual Jacksonville NF Walk 10-07-2017 501st: N/A
Wickizer Wedding 10-07-2017 501st: N/A
Zero Prostate Cancer Run/Walk 09-30-2017 501st: N/A
Miller Shaw Wedding 09-30-2017 501st: N/A
Freddys Children Cancer Fundraiser 09-26-2017 501st: N/A
Squad 7 Picnic 09-24-2017 501st: N/A
Learn to Read Book fair 09-23-2017 501st: N/A
Grand opening 2nd and Charles 09-16-2017 501st: N/A
Wolfson Children's hospital 09-16-2017 501st: N/A
Open House Star Wars Night 08-31-2017 501st: N/A
Star Wars Day at Space Base 08-20-2017 501st: N/A
Blast Door Build Party 07-29-2017 501st: N/A
Get Pop Cultured Day 07-29-2017 501st: N/A
Armor party 07-08-2017 501st: N/A
Walk the talk for Epilepsy 05-20-2017 501st: N/A
Jacksonville Sharks 05-20-2017 501st: N/A
Armor party 05-13-2017 501st: N/A
MOCA Family Day 05-06-2017 501st: N/A
March for Babies 05-06-2017 501st: N/A
Wild Things Spring Fling Jacksonville Zoo 05-04-2017 501st: N/A
May the 4th at Citi 05-04-2017 501st: N/A
Celebrate Good! 04-30-2017 501st: N/A
Superhero and Princess ball 04-29-2017 501st: N/A
Clay Co. Relay for Life 04-22-2017 501st: N/A
Fruit Cove Baptist Church Car Show 04-08-2017 501st: N/A
Celebration Prep Party 04-01-2017 501st: N/A
Dance Marathon for Children's Miracle Network 04-01-2017 501st: N/A
Congenital heart walk 04-01-2017 501st: N/A
Collective Con Day 3 03-26-2017 501st: N/A
Baumli Palison Wedding 03-25-2017 501st: N/A
Collective Con Day 2 03-25-2017 501st: N/A
Collective Con Day 1 03-24-2017 501st: N/A
St. Augustine St. Patricks Day Parade 03-11-2017 501st: N/A
Mutt March 03-04-2017 501st: N/A
Swoop the Loop 5k UNF 02-28-2017 501st: N/A
Cub Scout Pack 223 Banquest 02-26-2017 501st: N/A
22nd Annual Scottish Games and Festival 02-25-2017 501st: N/A
The Wedding of Ben and Cassie 02-18-2017 501st: N/A
NF Regional FLL Championships, UNF Jax 01-28-2017 501st: N/A
Argyle Elementary 01-13-2017 501st: N/A
Zoo Lights 12-30-2016 501st: N/A
First Coast News Morning Show Appearance 12-16-2016 501st: N/A
Rogue One Premiere at Carmike Fleming Island 12 12-15-2016 501st: N/A
Hibernia Student Star Wars Christmas Party 12-14-2016 501st: N/A
Keystone heights Christmas parade 12-11-2016 501st: N/A
Spina Bifida Holiday Party hosted by Phi Theta Kappa 12-10-2016 501st: N/A
Breakfast With Santa 12-10-2016 501st: N/A
jingle bell run 12-04-2016 501st: N/A
mandarin mini con 12-03-2016 501st: N/A
prostate cancer walk 12-03-2016 501st: N/A
walk for apraxia 11-20-2016 501st: N/A
Green cove springs library 11-19-2016 501st: N/A
yesha fall festival 11-19-2016 501st: N/A
cub scout meeting 11-16-2016 501st: N/A
Support the troops BlackFinn 11-12-2016 501st: N/A
Church reception Mandarin Methodist 11-06-2016 501st: N/A
Walk of Hope anniversary celebration and golf tournament 11-06-2016 501st: N/A
Sarah & Alan Wallace Wedding 10-31-2016 501st: N/A
Catty Shack 10-28-2016 501st: N/A
Catty Shack Ranch Wildlife Sanctuary 10-23-2016 501st: N/A
American legion fall festival 10-22-2016 501st: N/A
CattyShack Ranch 10-22-2016 501st: N/A
Catty Shack Ranch Wildlife Sanctuary 10-14-2016 501st: N/A
Wolfson HS peprally 10-14-2016 501st: N/A
Cruisin to the creek (St Aug) 10-01-2016 501st: N/A
Cure Search Walk Ponte Vedra 09-24-2016 501st: N/A
Casa Riel Armor Party 09-17-2016 501st: N/A
Fan Lexicon day 2 08-21-2016 501st: N/A
Fan Lexicon 08-20-2016 501st: N/A
Jax Suns Game 07-31-2016 501st: N/A
Citi Star Wars event 07-28-2016 501st: N/A
Ancient City Con Sunday 07-17-2016 501st: N/A
Ancient City Con Saturday 07-16-2016 501st: N/A
Ancient City Con 07-15-2016 501st: N/A
Summer Car Show & Shine 07-09-2016 501st: N/A
Finley's Bday St Augustine 07-08-2016 501st: N/A
Sharks Star Wars night 06-25-2016 501st: N/A
Birthday Party (St Aug) 06-12-2016 501st: N/A
Weird Al St Aug Amphitheater 06-12-2016 501st: N/A
Dream Day (Jax) 06-11-2016 501st: N/A
Kids Fest (OP) 06-10-2016 501st: N/A
St. Johns County Public Library System: Bartram Trail Branch 06-04-2016 501st: N/A
Sheffield Elementary 06-04-2016 501st: N/A
Memories of Love Biathlon (PV) 05-28-2016 501st: N/A
40th birthday surprise St Aug 05-25-2016 501st: N/A
Swim coach memorial 05-21-2016 501st: N/A
Cub Scout Pack 473 Awards Jax 05-16-2016 501st: N/A
K9s United 5k 05-14-2016 501st: N/A
Intracoastal Relay for Life 05-14-2016 501st: N/A
JL Wilkerson Elem Bookfair 05-12-2016 501st: N/A
Relay 4 Life OPHS 05-07-2016 501st: N/A
Barnes and Noble SW Game event 05-04-2016 501st: N/A
UNF Professional Dev Forum Jax 05-04-2016 501st: N/A
Citi Cards 05-04-2016 501st: N/A
Mandarin relay for life 04-30-2016 501st: N/A
Church Youth Group Jax 04-28-2016 501st: N/A
First Coast Comic Con 04-24-2016 501st: N/A
Relay for Life (Westside) 04-23-2016 501st: N/A
Walk the Talk for Epilepsy 04-17-2016 501st: N/A
Congenital Heart Walk 04-09-2016 501st: N/A
MSA Carnival 04-09-2016 501st: N/A
4/6/16 Art Walk 04-06-2016 501st: N/A
CollectiveCon Day3 04-03-2016 501st: N/A
USWA wrestling event 04-03-2016 501st: N/A
CollectiveCon Day2 04-02-2016 501st: N/A
St. Augustine Easter Parade 03-28-2016 501st: N/A
Celtic Parade 03-13-2016 501st: N/A
Mutt March 03-06-2016 501st: N/A
Scottish Highland Games 02-28-2016 501st: N/A
Retrorama Mini-Con 02-22-2016 501st: N/A
thomas' 9th birthday party 02-21-2016 501st: N/A
UNF Swoop the Loop 02-21-2016 501st: N/A
Hot Rod Autorama 02-07-2016 501st: N/A
2016 Squad Dinner 02-07-2016 501st: N/A
Bark and Bowl 01-24-2016 501st: N/A
Best Damn Race Jax 01-17-2016 501st: N/A
Zoo Lights @ Jacksonville Zoo 12-28-2015 501st: N/A
Episode VII - IMAX St. Augustine 12-20-2015 501st: N/A
TFA Premiere Yulee 12-19-2015 501st: N/A
River City Live TV Show 12-19-2015 501st: N/A
Episode VII - Fleming Island 12-18-2015 501st: N/A


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Scout Trooper: Return of the Jedi

Stormtrooper: ANH Stunt

Imperial Crew: Bridge Crew

TIE Pilot: Original Trilogy

Imperial Navy Trooper

Imperial Gunner

Officer: Staff Officer, (Black)

Ponda Baba

Officer: Line Officer, (Olive Drab)


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