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Lupe Yarborough - ID16684

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501st Member Since:
January, 10, 2014

501st Troops: 19

Rebel Legion Troops: 0

Droid Builders Troops: 0

Mando Mercs Troops: 0

Other Troops: 0

Saber Guild Troops: 0

Total Finished Troops: 19

Total Troops Last 365 Days: 0

Favorite Costume: N/A

Volunteer Hours: 0

Direct Donations Raised: $0

Indirect Donations Raised: $0

Troop History

Event Name Date Attended Costume
12/19/19 8pm - IMAX Theater at Museum of Discovery and Science (Ft. Lauderdale) 12-19-2019 501st: N/A
Solo Premiere Museum of Discovery and Science 05-26-2018 501st: N/A
Fred and Chelsea Wedding 05-04-2018 501st: N/A
Star Wars: The Last Jedi in IMAX opening 12-17-2017 501st: N/A
Visit UM Health Alex's Place Children's Cancer clinic 07-25-2017 501st: N/A
March for Babies 05-06-2017 501st: N/A
Floranada PTA Fun Day 02-04-2017 501st: N/A
Coral Springs Christmas Parade - Coral Springs 12-08-2015 501st: N/A
Star Wars Night at Marlins Park -Miami 09-04-2015 501st: N/A
SWW 2015 Weekend 5 Day 3 06-14-2015 501st: N/A
SWW 2015 Weekend 5 Day 2 06-13-2015 501st: N/A
SWW 2015 Weekend 3 Day 3 05-31-2015 501st: N/A
Ft. Lauderdale St. Patrick's Day Parade 03-14-2015 501st: N/A
SSMS Family Dinner Night 02-19-2015 501st: N/A
Shock Pop Comic Con (Sunday) 02-15-2015 501st: N/A
Star Wars Night - BB&T 04-06-2014 501st: N/A
Ft. Lauderdale St. Patrick’s Parade 03-08-2014 501st: N/A
Meadow Park Book Fair 03-04-2014 501st: N/A
Gamers Ball Night 02-17-2014 501st: N/A


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Officer: Staff Officer, (Black)

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