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501st: Scout Trooper: Return of the Jedi

Trooper Name Trooper TKID Costume Troop Count
Eric Elg TK14056 16
Ben Jacobson TB84207 16
Timothy Mahana TB40777 14
Chris Anderson TB81931 13
Sumiko Biemiller TB91977 11
Patrick Saltsman TD21141 10
Alex Recio TB31991 10
Derek Monks ID10449 9
Marc Chatzigiannakis ID34746 8
Michael Applegate TB10581 8
Andrew Withrow TB50968 8
Alex Cardenas TK55105 7
Chris Webb TI54019 6
Rock Becker TB9538 5
Richard Yates Jr TB71775 5
Nathan Zelenock TD82531 4
Robert Phelps TB13016 4
Dawn Harvey R0 3
Alexander Dalton TB66636 3
Rachel Vallia TB6111 3
Rico W TB41272 2
Edwin Santoni TB41181 2
Shaina Flack DZ32517 2
Delta W TI25122 2
Fritz Wolf TB5134 2
Michael Johnston TI11352 2
Timmy Boyle TB7079 2
John Terry CT6257 2
Patrick Blizzard TK86320 1
Angie Nothdorf TB1157 1
Robert Troup TB19110 1
Thom Sousa TK5071 1
BJ Savage TB5955 1
Jessica Mikna TK5377 1
John Fuqua TB5936 1
Stef Molitor TB6837 1
John McDonald TK97631 1
Scott Will TK408 1
Jennifer Foley TI16700 1
Aaron Green TX77778 1
Jessica Rennie TK78179 1
Brittney Printy TB31652 1
Dennis Jiron TK12487 1
Chip Cathey BH49375 1
Eddie Castro TS6708 1
Chris Hervas TB30109 1

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