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RL: X-Wing pilot (Ep IV; VI), Y-Wing pilot (Ep IV)

Trooper Name Trooper TKID Costume Troop Count
David Sollberger R19628 87
Vincent Nolan TX43274 38
Troy Whigham TI73782 33
Daniel Andersson TK79380 13
Ian Wright R101579 10
Bridget Healy R13193 9
Kaitlyn Sollberger R20036 8
Juan Gil de Rubio Torres TI51099 6
Maggieh Hays R6024 4
Ashley Sutherland R7270 4
Angela Anderson-Cobb R71085 4
David Mansfield R2016 3
Gary Cardenas TK72313 2
Sady CC20212 2
David Rosen BH10806 2
Zachary Hoover R77077 2
Alec shinever DZ66098 2
Rob Clark TI7805 1
James Youngblood TK5268 1
Michael Boyce TD9813 1
Edwin Gay CC5707 1
Ashley Davis TK25752 1

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ID33803, TK40440, TI90196

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